Day of the dead

I have noticed, something recently. It’s something I’m sure we have all done at one point or another. Being judgmental and condescending towards the dead.

"Ughh! How could he pair that watch with that suit!!"

What do you say when you hear that someone you know has passed away? There are many things you might say, but regardless of how much tact you have verbally, in your mind you’re thinking how did they die? And if you have no verbal tact that question might comes flying out of your pie hole.

I suppose it’s natural to be curious as human beings. But it’s what is the underlying motivation for the curiosity that is the problem here. You want to know how they died so you can gauge your level of condolences. Because you are a judgmental bastard!!

If the cause of death was an accident they had no control of… say being mauled to death by a bear on an elevator you might do this….

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear that."

But let’s say they died from an all night drug binge in Las Vegas. And were found dead by the hooker they hooked up with that night.

"Eh. What are you gonna do?"

And if they died in a shoot out with the police after¬†they murdered your family you’d probably react like this…


And this is especially true for celebrities. You desperately want to see how they died. That way you can shake your head at them and their drug habits…

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