Married men are out here cheating on their wives with men. My lil cousin is going through this right now. I wonder if she knows? Probably not. But unfortunately she is. Smh you wrong dude. She deserves better. All of em do.” (edited to make some grammatical sense)

This is a status I read today on Facebook.  Boy her sister is going through it isn’t she? Married all this time to the despised down-low brother. Think of all the good years she wasted with this man. I’m sure when she realizes her situation, that she will be devastated. Especially if she decides to put herself back on the meat market to find another mate. And what if they have kids together? Does her despair never end!?

But she doesn’t deserve shit!! What qualifies her to deserve anything? in this situation? I’m sure she, like most women, played the passive role. Waiting patiently for some man to approach her, then she either accepted or rejected him. She just accepted the wrong one, that is all. But that hardly means she deserves anything.

Had she been out there pursuing mates, and doing the tried and true “try before you buy” tactic… then maybe she might deserve something. At the very least she would be deserving of my sympathy. But being your family member or friend doesn’t make anyone deserving of shit.

"Steve Jobs is my brother, so I deserve to be a billionaire too!!"

The only people who deserve anything are the people who put in work. Even I am guilty of this. Sometimes I will sit around thinking about all the shit I deserve, just because I’m such a cool person. But then I smack myself, for being so conceited. And when everyone deserves something, someone has to lose out. There aren’t enough prizes for everyone.

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