Is it even possible to be raped or to actually rape someone in modern America?

Rape is something I think is integral to American values. Our forefathers like Thomas Jefferson surely raped the “help”. Rape has been a cornerstone of this country since colonial times. When those first European settlers landed on Plymouth rock, (St. Augustine Florida depending on your historical sources) they didn’t look upon this great land and envision it as it is today. And how could they? They were idiots still believing for the most part that the Earth was flat. They were thinking about raping the Natives.

And now Rape is under assault from all sides. Dare I say that rape itself is being raped!

The GOP has legitimized rape by saying it’s God’s will. You know because a woman’s body always knows when it’s being raped by God and responds accordingly. And if that wasn’t enough, even women themselves are diluting rape. I’ve had several women express their rape fantasies to me. That defeats the whole purpose of rape in the first place!!

Somewhere our vision of “rape” got skewed. I want us, as a society, to return to a simpler time. A time where a man could rape a woman because he wanted to. Not because God ordained him, or because the woman asked him to rape her. I’m talking about ole fashioned rape, like our grandparents had.

And I want to be the face of this new simpler rape!

It's 10 o'clock. Do you know who's raping your children?

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