The New Yorker cont.

The last group is the hecklers on the trains. But only a select few. The musicians are usually all right. Dancers are always a welcome sight. It’s the people who are telling their sad story on the train.

They are literally forcing you to hear a story, that you probably don’t want to hear. I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t want to hear it. And after you are forced to hear a story you didn’t want to even hear in the first place. Then they use their sad tale, to emotionally extort you for money. That’s extremely audacious. To try to charge someone for a story you didn’t even want to hear. Imagine if telemarketers told you a story about some child in Africa, or how some product/service could radically change your life. You’d probably say “Thanks, but I’m fine!”, and then hang up the phone. Especially if they started asking you for money for that conversation you just had.

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